Tomato For Stubborn Acne Treatment

Tomato for stubborn acne

I’m a big believer in the power of all the gifts nature has given to us, all we need is to have the knowledge to reap its full benefits, and tomato for stubborn acne treatment is one of those benefits.
As I said before, natural remedies are always your best bet when it comes to the successful treatment of acne.
Using natural remedies for acne treatment reduces the chances of scarring after the acne has cleared.

Why you should be using tomato for stubborn acne treatment – 

– Tomatoes are widely known to be used in making delicious stews and sauces, but today, I’ll teach you how it can be used to treat acne and acne scars. It’s one of the best home remedies to treat acne-prone oily skin.

– Tomato is especially suitable for people with oily skin, such as mine, as it removes all the excess oil and excess sebum clogging the pores of your skin.

– It contains antibacterial properties which help to successfully treat stubborn acne. It also contains vitamins and nutrients such as calcium and potassium, which are effective in treating pimples and whiteheads.

– Tomato is also packed with lycopene. Lycopene is known to increase your skin’s protection factor, increase collagen production, and helps your skin cells to regenerate. The vitamin A in tomato is very helpful in combating skin ailments.

– Tomato will effectively shrink the pores of your face, making your face smoother. It will fade away blemishes and acne scars, leaving your skin smooth and clear.

– It also contains Vitamin C and anti-aging properties; this is why some of these commercial acne products contain a trace of tomato in them. Isn’t it best to get it directly from the natural source?

– Tomato reduces acne redness and dries out the problem areas, thereby reducing blemishes.

– Tomato can also help to brighten your skin, especially if you suffer from discolouration or hyperpigmentation.

How to make tomato for stubborn acne face mask:

What you need –

* 1 tomato

* Half teaspoon of honey (optional)

* Half teaspoon of lemon juice (optional)


Tomato for stubborn acne

* Cut the cool refrigerated tomato in two. (The cool or cold tomato will help to close your pores).

* Scoop out the pulp into a bowl.

* Mash it up with a spoon or fork.

* Add the honey (If you’ll be using honey).

* Add the lemon ( If you’ll be using lemon).

How to use –

* Wash your face with your normal cleanser or soap, with warm water (The warm water will open up your pores to better receive the benefits of the tomatoes).

* Pat dry and apply the tomato mixture on your face, rub it all over your face and make sure it gets to all the problem areas.

* Leave on your face for about 20 – 30 minutes until it dries on your face.

* Wash off with just cold water.

* Pat your face dry and apply your usual moisturiser (natural oils are encouraged).

          If you made a big batch, you can refrigerate the leftover and use the next day. You can use the tomato mask daily or bi-weekly, try out a few methods to see what best works for you as everyone’s skin is different.

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