Sunscreen Lotion (Day Face Cream)


Protects your face from sunburn,

Clears discolourations

Clears sunburn, Acne, Pimples ,etc.

Evens out skin tone.

Reduces the aging effects of the sun.


We all want to prevent sun damage, sun spots and premature aging by blocking the sun’s harmful rays, using sunscreen lotion.
We also want skin that glows with health and vitality and we want to make the healthiest choices possible — no matter your age or skin type, our Sunscreen Lotion (Day Face Cream) makes it possible.
Protecting: This ultimate age-defense cream provides broad spectrum mineral SPF to help prevent pre-mature signs of aging. Instantly protects skin from sunburn. Easily layer underneath foundation and primers for a healthy dose of SPF protection.
Age Defying: Natural antioxidants and our wrinkle-fighting ingredients help firm and restore skin for a more youthful appearance.
Hydrating: Rich nourishing Shea Butter and nutrient replenishing honey deliver essential daily moisture for softer, glowing skin.

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Weight 100 g


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