Nature’s Remedy Lightening Body Cream


Naturally Lighten.

Repairs & Nourishes.

Gives an even skin tone.

Reduce discoloration and sun spots



Our natural skin lightening body cream is a truly safe and healthy option for gradually fading sun damage, skin discoloration, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation.

Enjoy a complete list of plant based ingredients, geared to natural skin lightening benefits.

Each product is made fresh the day you order it.

Lightens and evens skin tone. Fades age spots & photo damage. Healing & Moisturizing. All Natural with Plant Extracts and Oils.

This cream slows down the production of melanin, reducing the appearance of dark spots and brightening the skin’s complexion. The result is a healthy and radiant look that will make you feel great about your skin.

After using this cream twice a day for a few weeks, you will be amazed at how good your skin will look. The secret to a successful skin lightening treatment is consistent use over time, rather than aggressive products in high concentrations.

Very light herbal aroma. Silky and Moisturizing. Use Day and Night; all skin types. Handmade from scratch- unique carefully formulated recipe. No Chemicals, Parabens or Alcohol.


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