Lush Butter Cream – For Dry Skin



Hydrates and moisturises,

Tackles dry skin conditions,

Makes your skin soft and smooth

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This naturally Hydrating Body Cream will rejuvenate your skin effectively.

Absorbs quickly, leaving your skin light and baby smooth, with no greasy or sticky feel.

Its deep hydration lasts for hours, even on rough patches.

Designed to hydrate and moisturise multiple layers of your skin from top down (not only the surface as other lotions).

Designed for all skin types and very gentle in nature, therefore, can be used on sensitive skin. 


The mix of ingredients in this body cream help nourish the skin, helps in the increase of cell metabolism, while keeping your skin vibrantly smooth.

A dynamic synergy of quality ingredients includes; licorice and mango butter, mineral-rich ingredients that are known to provide surface hydration and a protective barrier to the skin.





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