Immunity Booster



Extremely powerful preventative tincture to boost immunity. 

Expertly formulated to provide active support of the immune system.

A powerful solution to boost and strengthen your immune system to effectively fight off ALL types of viruses, infections (bacterial, etc), inflammation and general illnesses. 

 A few drops a day in a cup of water is all is needed.


If you’re going outside often this period or coming in contact with people that go out this period, you cannot do without a bottle of this immunity booster in your home. 

Protect your whole family and loved ones against the virus with a bottle of our Homeopathy immunity booster.

This product will be a powerful addition to any natural products you take; Arsenicum Album compliments and works well with any other verbal therapy. 

Safe for the whole family, even the little ones. The more powerful our immune system is, the greater chance we have at surviving the virus.

Our immunity booster is part of the protocol issued by the Ayurveda association in India to protect yourself from the virus, and also, the British Royal family has been on this homeopathy solution for decades. 

Weight 30 g


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