Loyalty Rewards Program


Since we want all of customers to look and feel amazing, no matter what – we’re saying thank you with some awesome perks! Every time you make a purchase, you earn Care Naturele Skincare Loyalty Points. The more you earn, the more access you gain to special offers, such as discounts!

You earn 5 Loyalty Points for each ₦2000 naira you spend. That means, if you make a purchase of ₦10000, you’ll get 25 Loyalty Points.

When you reach 100 Loyalty Points, you get 10% off your purchase, 200 Loyalty Points gets you 20% off your purchase; and so on

We track your purchases for you, and send regular email updates on your earnings so you always know how many points you have to redeem, and any new rewards you’ve unlocked.

Sign up today and treat yourself to even more with Care Naturele Skincare’s Loyalty Reward Program.