How To Do An Egg Mask Protein Treatment For Natural Hair

Egg mask

I wrote about the benefits of protein treatments on the blog earlier, and eggs, honey and coconut oil were some of the ingredients I listed, that can be used for protein treatments. So, today I’ll be writing about the egg mask protein treatment.

This egg mask consists of only 3 ingredients – egg, honey and coconut oil, all of which are known to be great for protein treatments and conditioning.

First, we have eggs. We’ve been taught right from childhood that eggs are a great source of protein when eaten. Well, you don’t only get its protein benefits when you eat it, it also adds protein to your hair when applied topically.

The egg yolk is enriched with vitamins, such as vitamin D, which is proven to increase hair growth. The protein in eggs makes your hair smoother and easy to comb.
Eggs also naturally condition your hair, leaving it soft, smooth and frizz-free.

Then, we have the raw honey, honey has been used for centuries for its many benefits and protein treatment is one of them. The honey in this egg mask is necessary in order to condition your hair and make it soft, as protein treatments can harden the hair; because of its strengthening abilities. The humectant properties of honey attract moisture to your hair and keep your hair more moisturised for longer. It also nourishes your hair and enriches it with vitamins and minerals.

And lastly, there’s coconut oil. The beauty of coconut oil in this hair mask is that it contains proteins which other hair oils do not! Using coconut oil in this hair mask helps to bind the hair’s natural protein structure. This bond helps the hair to retain its moisture content more and also strengthen the hair fibres, to make it stronger. The coconut oil also coats the outer layer of the hair and enhances shine and manageability.

How to do and egg mask protein treatment:

 What you need –

Egg mask
• A bowl.

• A spoon to measure and mix.

• 1 egg ( You can use more eggs if you have longer or fuller hair).

• Raw organic honey.

• Raw organic and unpasteurized, organic coconut oil.

The process –

Tutorial for egg mask hair treatment


– I usually do my egg mask treatment on dry hair to prevent too much dripping; so I wash and deep condition my hair the day before or few days before (or even a week before, whatever works for you, just make sure that your hair is not dirty).

– Part and twist your hair into 4 sections.

– Apply the hair mask generously to each section of hair, one by one. Make sure that it covers from root to tip. Retwist each section after applying.

– Cover your hair with a plastic cap.

– Wear a steam cap if you have one, if not, tie your hair with a towel to heat it up.

– If using a steam cap, leave on for about 20-30 minutes. If you tied a towel on your hair, leave for at least an hour or more for the mask to fully penetrate.

– Wash off with just cool water (Best not to use warm water so the egg won’t cook on your hair, hehe).

– I usually finish up with an apple cider vinegar rinse to add that extra soft and shine.

         Protein treatments should be done no less than once a month, to avoid overkill.

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