Oils – Why They Are So Beneficial For All Skin Types


They have had a bad reputation in the past but there is a growing movement in the skincare industry and it’s all about oils. When chosen carefully, oil is simply terrific for any skin type – yes oily skin type… even you. Certain cultures have been using oil as part of their beauty regime for thousands of years. It is delightful to see many of us are heading back to simple yet highly effective plant-based skincare rituals revolving around oils.


Myths about oils:

In the past decades, using oil as part of a skincare regime was believed to clog pores, cause breakouts, create oily t-zones as well as cause acne. If a person had problematic skin, they were advised to steer clear from all oily products. We now understand that certain oil is responsible for balancing the skin’s natural oil production. Cold pressed, plant seed, organic oils are loaded with nourishing essential fatty acids that shield your skin from environmental pollution, protecting it from the elements.


Facts about oils:

More and more people are now enlightened,  ditching the use of lotions and creams all together. They are substituting these products for high-quality oils. Oil penetrates the skin easier than moisturizers because it quickly passes through the lipid layer of the skin. Creams and lotions are made from water, oils and preservatives making them a watered down version of an oil. Because certain oils can quickly penetrate the skin, they do not leave a greasy feeling behind. When chosen carefully, these precious oils deliver potent antioxidants that protect our skin from free radical damage and soothe irritations that can lead to premature wrinkles.


The benefits for oily skin:

Our skin produces its own moisturizer which is called sebum, its function is to prevent the skin from drying out. Sometimes, the skin over produces sebum leading to oily skin and vice versa leading to dry maturing skin. By using highly effective facial oils, it is possible to reduce the skin’s natural oil production. In other words, if you have oily type skin, the application of high-quality facial oils shall send signals to your glands to stop over-producing sebum. It seems counter-intuitive to apply oil to already oily skin but plant seed oils help calm the skin, clear it up as well reduce the sebum production.


The benefits for maturing skin:

Oil is also highly effective for maturing skin types because by applying oil to the face. You are creating an occlusive barrier which locks in hydration. As we age, our sebum production slows down resulting in dryer, duller looking skin. Plant seed oils can contain polyphenols which are metabolized by the skin resulting in youth preserving properties. Imagine that… one product that contains anti-bacterial properties (goodbye acne), calms inflamed skin, contains highly moisturizing properties, youth-preserving effects and can be 100% organic!
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