CNS natural skincare course

Advanced Natural Skincare Course

1.  Anatomy and physiology of the skin.
2. Common and effective natural ingredients.
3. Healing with natural skincare.
4. Understanding different skin types.
5. Developing a natural skincare routine.
6. Care for different skin types.
7. Natural skincare for compromised or damaged skin.
8. Making your own natural skincare products.
9. Marketing tactics of the skincare industry.
10. The health implications of toxic skincare.
11. The science of acne skin care.
12. Care for acne-prone skin.
13. And so much more.

Course Information

Estimated Time: Learn at your own pace

Difficulty: Advanced

Course Instructor

Jennifer Ugo Jennifer Ugo Founder/CEO

Certified Skincare Specialist and Aromatherapist passionate about helping individuals achieve a clear and healthy skin using natural skincare products and healthy lifestyle changes.

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Module 1

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