An Effective Organic Remedy For Treating Eczema

An effective organic remedy to treat eczema

Finding an effective organic remedy for treating eczema properly should be your top priority if you suffer from it’s chronic symptoms. Although exactly what causes eczema is not quite known, some specialists have described it as “an overactive immune response to irritations that come in contact with the skin.”

These irritants can be things such as, certain types of materials or fabric, soaps, washing detergents, some animals allergies, cosmetics products, being excessively exposed to a very cold or very hot weather, that can cause eczema to flare up. Stress can also cause an eczema flare up.

Symptoms of eczema


Eczema is also known as a handful of dermatological medical conditions. It affects both children and adults. It’s symptoms can be easily identified; they usually appear is areas such as hands, feet, elbows, face, neck, etc. It mostly appears as a patch of thickened, swollen and red skin and is always accompanied by a severe and intolerable itching which causes rashes to break out when scratched.

Eczema is generally a hereditary and chronic condition. The rashes that accompany it turns to weeping blisters which will burst with any slight aggravation. It will be very slow to heal and will then turn back into a bigger patch of swollen, red, extremely dry skin.
Finding a relief for the symptoms when it flares up, is the biggest priority.

Find out what is causing your eczema.

Before you can effectively treat your eczema, you have to first of all find out what causes the flare ups for you. When you find out the root cause, treatment and relief will be easier; because if you do not know the cause, you will just be treating the surface symptoms and it will keep coming back.

Food allergies are one of the main culprits. Try cutting out certain foods you think you might be allergic to, such as wheat, dairy, nuts, fish, etc, soy, additives, artificial food colouring, etc.

Some food allergies usually take a while to develop. So even if you think you’re not currently or previously been allergic to some foods doesn’t mean necessarily mean you’re not allergic to certain foods. So take extra care.

Try to eliminate each food from your diet one at a time to see which one makes a difference to your flare ups. Take notes and be very watchful and conscious of the changes in your symptoms during this experimental process. This will help you in figuring out what might be causing your flare ups, so you can effectively treat it.

Antibiotics, a bout of food poisoning or chronic digestive problems are another culprits.
If you have or have had one of these, then it’s most probable that your intestinal microfiber has been affected.

There are more than hundreds of good bacteria living inside our gut. When they become unbalanced, the bad bacteria will take over, resulting in an impaired ability to digest food and properly absorb nutrients.

What most people are not aware of is that this imbalance of microflora can also lead to such skin problems as this.
Adding more probiotic foods to your diet is an effective way to reverse this internal cause of eczema.

√ Any other irritant that might be causing your flare-ups. Pinpoint exactly what causes it or a combination of things that cause it. Doing so will drastically increase your chances of successfully combating eczema.

An effective organic remedy to treat eczema

With the associated side effects of using over the counter dreams and salves to treat eczema; such as nausea, fever, warts, bleeding from the nose, hives, face swelling, difficulty in breathing, lymphoma, and dreadfully, cancer, isn’t it best for you to tow the natural way?

– Rice water

Rice water has so many skin and hair benefits, one of which I’ve written about on the blog earlier. Another rarely known benefit of rice water is its ability to treat eczema. Rice water stands out among other natural remedies for treating skin conditions.

The starch components of rice water help to heal eczema. It heals the itching, redness, swelling and dryness associated with eczema and will gradually heal it completely. (When combined with finding and eliminating the root cause of your eczema as I wrote up there).


 Soak a face cloth in rice water and lay it on the affected area or areas for about 10 minutes, every day. You can also do this several times a day if you choose.
Doing this constantly with soothe the symptoms and treat your condition

Rice water for eczema
Rice water

Learn how you can easily make rice water at home.

Constantly and properly using this organic remedy and finding a solution to the causes of your eczema flare-ups. You’ll most likely control and eventually heal your eczema better than over the counter prescription.

Don’t forget that treating eczema happens over time, it is not an overnight magic.

So even if you don’t see the results immediately, continue with using organic remedies your clearer, healthier skin will manifest with time.

Your turn

What other organic remedies have you used for treating your eczema before? Let us know in the comment section to help others. 
Will you be trying out this organic remedy? Let us know. 

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