7 Surprising Benefits Of Coffee On The Skin And Hair

These 7 surprising benefits of coffee on your skin and hair are easily achieved, when used correctly.

Benefits of coffee on skin and hair
So, did you know that you can use coffee on skin and hair care routine? Yes, you can! (Sounding a bit like Obama there).

Here are 7 benefits of coffee on the skin and hair –

Benefits of coffee on skin

1. Skin exfoliation

First of all, exfoliating your skin/face at least once a week is an essential part of maintaining a clear and healthy-looking skin. Coffee grounds is used for exfoliating your skin. Since the grounds have a grainy texture, therefore, when used as a body scrub, it is able to thoroughly exfoliate your skin by cleaning off dead skin cells and revealing a refreshed and smooth looking skin.


– Mix some the grounds with some olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil (the quantity each ingredient depends on the area of your body you want to cover), and scrub all over your body with it, while avoiding sensitive areas. Use the mixture to give your skin a natural exfoliation.

2. Puffy eyes reduction –

We’ve all probably been there; days when your eyes get puffy, maybe due to lack of sleep, the day after a night of drinking, after effect of crying, and any other causes of puffy eyes. Coffee grounds can help to reduce puffy eyes. When you apply it on your face, the caffeine will constrict the blood vessels under the skin and this will reduce the swelling and cut down the puffiness.


– Mix 1 teaspoon of coffee grounds and half a teaspoon of coconut oil, apply the mixture under your eyes. Leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes or till it starts to dry, wash it off with warm water. And voilà! Puffy eyes be gone!

3. Natural face brightener –

If you’re like me and you get hyper-pigmentation on your face once in a while, coffee can help with dealing with that. Coffee has a skin brightening effect, which can help to fade acne scars and treat hyper-pigmentation. This face mask will help to rejuvenate the skin and relieve skin dullness. The antioxidants will brighten the skin tone and effectively fade the blemishes on your face.


Benefits of coffee on skin and hair
Coffee grounds

– Add 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds in a bowl, add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of raw organic honey. Mix it all together and apply to your face. Leave it on for about 5 minutes, then gently scrub your face with it (don’t apply too much pressure, just rub your fingers gently all over your face and neck). Leave it on for a few more minutes, then wash off with warm water. Apply coconut oil.

4. Natural skin tightener –

It can also be used to tighten or firm up the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This will make you look younger and youthful. The caffeine in coffee has anti-inflammatory properties, therefore, when applied to the face, draws out excess moisture from your skin, which makes it firmer and tighter. The antioxidants will fight free radicals and cut down the risk of skin cancer.


– Mix 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds, 1 tablespoon of rice water and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Apply to you face and leave on for about 10 minutes or until it properly dries on your face. Wash off with warm water and apply your face moisturiser.

Benefits of coffee on hair

5. Scalp exfoliator –

Exfoliating your scalp with the grounds will promote hair growth, as the massage will stimulate the blood vessels under your scalp. The caffeine will help to stimulate the hair follicles, thereby increasing hair growth.


– Mix 2 tablespoons of coffee, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of raw organic honey together in a bowl. Apply the mixture to your scalp and leave on for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, massage your scalp gently for about a minute, then rinse off with warm water.

6. Treats hair loss –

We sometimes experience hair loss or hair breakage, but it can be easily treated if properly taken care of. Coffee can help to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth. It doesn’t only deter baldness and hair loss, it also works on the roots of the hair and brings out better hair development.


– Brew 2 tablespoons of coffee in hot water and allow it to cool down. Then use it to rinse your hair after shampooing. When you rinse your hair with the brew, leave it on your hair for a minute or 2 (also, you can massage your scalp while you wait), and then rinse off with cool water.

7. Enhances hair colour –

If you want to make your hair darker or maintain the dark colour of your hair, then coffee is an effective colour enhancer to use. If you have a lighter coloured hair, due to its darkening effect, it’s probably not advisable to use coffee if you’re trying to exfoliate your scalp or treat hair loss (number 5 and 6); because it will darken your hair.


Coffee as a colour enhancer
Coffee brew

– Brew a very strong coffee and set aside to cool down. Rinse your hair with the coffee after shampoo.

Finally, consistent use is advised to achieve the desired benefits of coffee on skin and hair. Also, don’t use instant coffee since it will melt if mixed with these other ingredients and you won’t get the desired results.

Over to you.

What do you think of these remedies? 
Have you experienced any of these surprising benefits of  coffee on skin and hair before?
Will you be trying any of them out? 
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  1. Hiya, thanks for dropping by.

    It's best to use caffeinated coffee grounds because most of the skincare and haircare benefits you get from coffee are from the caffeine in it.

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