African black soap

7 Reasons Not To Use African Black Soap On Your Face

Most people use African black soap to wash their face. It is like social conditioning.

Let me tell you that your face being squeaky clean isn’t a good thing!

Here is why African black soap or any bar soap is the worst cleanser for your face:

1) It Dries the Skin. Harshly stripping the oils from your skin takes away it’s protective barrier. Oil protects and nourishes, keeps us looking young, and we want to keep it! Indeed you want to add oils to the skin.

2) Makes the Skin Overproduce Oil. After soap strips all the precious oils, the skin responds by producing more to compensate. In short, it throws the skins balance off.

3) Does Not Exfoliate.  While harshly stripping oils, it does little for removing dead skin cells. This happens through exfoliation and African black and bar soaps do not exfoliate.

4) Habit-Forming. Through the process of removing the oils that are protective and the skin rebounding by overproducing, it is natural to feel like you once again need to remove those oils with soap. I have head many people say they really like a feel the “foaminess” and have a hard time giving that up. The temporary “fresh” feeling soap gives is addictive.

5) Removes Probiotics. This is especially true if using any sort of antibacterial soaps. There is a tremendous ecosystem on our skin! It is good! Many of these are helpful bacteria that keep the others in check. Soap can remove them all and give the bad bacteria more ground to grow.

6) Only Cleans the Surface. Soap has no drawing properties, like clays etc. There is no cleansing of the deeper skin layers.

7) Accelerates Aging. With all of this, soap ends up being a very aging product. Anti-aging 1practices include using oils liberally, moisturising, exfoliating, respecting the balance of the skin.


The skin on our face is much more delicate than that of the rest or our body, and must be treated as such. It’s best to cleanse your face with a low pH cleanser or an oil cleanser.

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