5 Simple Ways To Regrow Your Edges

Regrow your edges


Breaking or thinning edges is not something you should have to live with, finding out simple ways to regrow your edges should be your top priority. There are a few things that may be causing the breakage and thinning of your hair, you have to know or figure out what is causing it before you can be able to combat it effectively.As soon as you notice the breakage, do something about it because ignoring it will only prolong the problem and make it more difficult for you to treat.

If your hair is shedding; if the hair is falling out from the roots, then you need to go see your doctor to figure out the underlying cause of the shedding.

Note: To confirm if it’s shedding, pick up some of the hair that fell out and check if you’ll see a white bulb at one end of the hair. If the white bulbs are present, then your hair is shedding and you need to see your dermatologist to evaluate your hair.

But if your hair is just breaking (if no white bulbs are present), then with patience and consistency, you can successfully bring your edges back to its former glory. And this is where this post comes in.

How to stop hair breakage and regrow your edges

1. Stay away from hairstyles that would put too much tension or pressure on your hairline – 

Stop putting your hair into buns that are too tight.
If your hair is long enough, a loose bun is recommended.

Stop braiding for some time; braids with extensions put too much pressure on your hairline.
The weight of the extension pulls on your hair and leads to breakage.

2. Do not manipulate your hair too much – 
Reduce the amount of time your hand comes in contact with your hair. Too much manipulation leads to breakage.

Don’t comb or brush your edges too often. If you really need to lay the edges, then apply some hair gel and tie it down with a scarf for some minutes; to hold it down.

Reduce the amount of time you style your hair. Doing different styles on your hair every day is adding too much pressure on the already fragile hair.
Leave it alone and it will flourish!

3. Moisturise Moisturise Moisturise – 

Our natural hair thrives on moisture. Moisture helps our hair grow faster.

Do a deep conditioning treatment every week.

Spray your hair with your spray bottle daily.

Make sure your hair is slightly damp before you comb your hair each time you need to.

4. Protein treatments are essential 

Apart from deep conditioning treatments, your hair also requires regular protein treatments.

Protein treatments strengthen your hair follicle, which drastically reduces hair breakage.

Protein treatments should be done once a month or once every 6 weeks.

5. Pamper your hair with jbco –

Jamaican black castor oil is known for its ability to strengthen and grow hair faster.

It strengthens your hair strands, so your hair becomes fuller and healthier.

It stimulates your scalp to promote hair growth.

Apply jbco on your edges daily and in a few weeks of consistent use, your edges should be fully regrown.

A little bit of jbco goes a long way, you don’t need to apply a whole tablespoon of jbco for it to take effect.
Because of its very thick consistency, you can mix it with a little bit of virgin coconut oil before applying.

Thinning or breaking edges is not the end of the world, it can be easily reversed if you give it some tender loving care. Take care of it and it will grow back. After if grows back, keep on treating with care to avoid reoccurrence.

Over to you 

Have you used jbco before? What was your experience with it? Do you know any other simple ways to regrow your edges? Comment and let us know, below. 

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